Caviar Cyberphone Built and Designed to Look Like Tesla's New Cybertruck Designs

Caviar has as of late presented an altered rendition of the iPhone 11 Pro, propelled by Tesla's Cybertruck. 

Cyberphone: A Luxury Combination Of The iPhone 11 Pro And ...

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The fairly chic telephone accompanies a titanium body and obtains configuration prompts from the Cybertruck for the telephone's "geometry of lines, straightforwardness of structures, and flexibility of materials. It's basically an iPhone 11 Pro inside a titanium case that shields it from all sides. On the front, there's a titanium screen defender that folds into a holder that props up the telephone vertically when set on a level surface. The super-luxury telephone is restricted to just 99 units and can be bought at the Caviar site.

Caviar Cyberphone-Tesla Truck Inspired Modified Apple iPhone 11 ...

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