How to Replace Google Pixel Motherboard

Use a spudger to pry the earpiece speaker cable connector straight up, disconnecting it from the motherboard.

Turn off the device.
Set up an iOpener to warm the edges of the show and relax the glue underneath. On the other hand, you may utilize a warmth firearm or a hairdryer. 

The surfaces close to the speaker and receiver (top and base individually) have bigger glue segments. These zones may require a somewhat longer warmth introduction. The showcase ought to be warmed until it's somewhat too hot to even think about touching, for approximately two minutes. 

In the accompanying advances, you will isolate the presentation board by cutting however the cement holding the showcase to the Pixel's frame. 

For reference, the rear of the showcase board is appeared at left. Note the limited freedom between the side of the presentation unit and the OLED board. (The bezels show this dispersing on the front.) 

Embeddings an initial device more profound than 1.5 mm into the sides of the gadget, or 9 mm into the top and base can for all time harm the presentation. 

Utilize attractions handle to pull up on the show and make a slight hole between the presentation and the telephone's skeleton. 

On the off chance that your showcase is broken, spread it with pressing the tape to enable the attractions to cup follow and forestall glass shards from popping free. 

You may need to apply more warmth if this doesn't come up. Try not to be restless, this will require some investment. When you can delicately embed an apparatus in the hole, proceed onward to the subsequent stage. 

Supplement an initial pick or a playing card into the hole between the body and the showcase get together. 

Start to slide the initial pick around the edge of the showcase, slicing through the glue that makes sure about it. 
Use a spudger to disconnect the  charging port ribbon cable from the motherboard.
Try not to attempt to lift or pry the screen off with the pick. Basically slide it around to confine the glue. 

The showcase board is amazingly delicate. In the event that you plan to re-utilize your presentation, take care to embed your apparatus just to the extent important to isolate the cement. Embeddings the instrument any further can harm the OLED board under the glass. 

Proceed with cautiously isolating the cement around the remainder of the gadget. 

Take additional consideration with the side bezels, which are just 1.5 mm profound. 

With the glue cut, gradually lift the showcase up from the head (the side with the speaker-grille pattern), cautiously flip it over vertically toward the base of the gadget, and lay it all over, as appeared. 

Remember there's clingy glue all over the place, so consider resting an initial pick between the screen and show, to abstain from spreading the gunk! 

Try not to endeavour to totally evacuate the presentation yet, as it is as yet associated by a delicate lace link. Be mindful so as not to strain the link while situating the presentation. 

Utilize a T5 Torx driver to expel the two dark 3.5 mm T5 screws making sure about the presentation link connector section. 

Use tweezers to expel the section that holds the presentation connector set up. 

This is only a bit of metal and should come up without any problem. (The link is expelled in the following stage.) 

Utilize a spudger to pry up the presentation link connector, liberating the showcase. 

On reassembly, delicately snap one side in, at that point the other. 

Try not to constrain this kind of connector into place, as harm can happen. (You should feel a slight snap, yet powers past this will for all time harm your connector.) 

Evacuate the showcase. 

Some supplanting shows don't accompany an earpiece speaker grille. On the off chance that your substitution screen doesn't have one, make certain to move the grille from your old presentation to the enhanced one. 
Use a spudger to pry up the black and white coaxial cables attached to the upper right and left-hand sides of the motherboard.
During reassembly, stop here to test the usefulness of your new part and supplant the presentation glue.

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