Review: The New Bose Smart Speaker 300

When it involves audio products like speakers and headphones, Bose is, in fact, the best you can suppose of. Although expensive, there's a surety that you’ll get a probably the greatest product. Bose has a variety of merchandise, which consist of speakers, headphones and clever speakers. We lately got to apply the Bose Home Speaker three hundred and similar to the other Bose merchandise that I actually have reviewed, this one left a lasting impression.


At a fee of Rs 26,900, the Bose Home Speaker 300 is the maximum cheap offering in the company’s smart domestic speakers line-up. It is also the smaller sibling of the Bose Home Speaker 500 that comes with a similar simple layout and a few enhancements. The speaker comes in black and silver colourations and has Apple AirPlay 2 in addition to Amazon Alexa support. Let’s find out what the speaker offers.


The Bose Home Speaker three hundred features a compact and minimalistic layout. The lower element is the grille, which is ready 60 per cent of the speaker. The upper element has a mild bar and the touch-touchy controls are on the pinnacle of the device, which encompasses Bluetooth, Aux, Volume rocker, Play/Pause buttons, mic button, and six preset buttons to set shortcuts of song apps like Amazon Music and Spotify. We’ll communicate approximately those in detail below. There is a 3.5mm jack at the returned to play track within the Aux mode, and the energy port. If we had been to nitpick, there's no internal battery so it can not be carried alongside to places where there's no electricity source.

Bose Speker Grille1


The compact speaker is VERY LOUD. Frankly speaking, there could have been two or three times when I performed the track on the highest level of quantity in order to check the quality. Rest of the time, gambling track at approximately 50 in line with cent quantity is more than sufficient to rock a regular-sized room (which varies from 10x10 feet to 12x16 ft). I even played song in a log cabin of 20ft x 22 feet and didn’t even want to up the volume from 50 in step with cent.

Another reason to hold the volume low is that the song has much greater clarity, surround sound and bass as compared to the songs played at higher volumes. If you raise the extent too much, the tune may have a shrill that’ll sincerely not please your ears. When listened at an optimal volume, you’ll notice the thump or bass that -- unlike numerous other audio systems -- doesn’t eat up the lyrics or the relaxation of the tune.

Thanks to the 360-degree audio tech, the speaker produces surround sound. Moreover, if you want to pair a speaker and pay attention to the identical tune in two different rooms or floors, you can pair or more Bose Home Speakers together with Bose SimpleSync technology. We couldn’t take a look at that due to the fact we had simply one review unit.

Bose Controls

Bose Controls

One of the features of the speaker is that users can manage the track thru voice. It comes with Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa and Google Assistant integration that allows customers to carry out all the one's obligations that can be done thru Amazon’s personal Echo lineup, and the Google Home devices. The speaker comes with a custom six microphone array to capture the voice commands. You can control music on Spotify, Amazon Music or Apple Music with the aid of voice.

We didn’t experience any problem in controlling track, adjusting volume, or placing alarms. You can turn off an alarm with the aid of just tapping on the top of the speaker. In case you don’t need to manipulate the music via voice, you could play whatever from a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. There is an alternative that allows users to absolutely turn off the mic. Just faucet the microphone-disable button at the top, and the voice function grow to become off.

To test the speaker, we performed songs of a couple of genres. We listened to La Calin [Durmus] by Trap Calin (genre: Trap), Opus by way of Eric Prydz (genre: House), I See You through Kygo (genre: Tropical), Don’t You Know That through Deepjack, Mr Nu & Barbary (genre: Dance/Electronic) and Freebird via Lynyrd Skynyrd (genre: Rock). The speaker worked properly in all instances and we could listen to all of the mids and lows.


Bose has constantly been able to supply the first-class of the exceptional. Owning a Bose product is a standing symbol. Although the Bose Home Speaker 300 charges a bomb however you need to appearance beyond fee on the subject of the compact but powerful, innovative answers and standard listening experience.

Pros: Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa integration; Lightweight and compact

Cons: No internal battery

Price: Rs 26,900

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