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When you believe you studied the animal that kills the very best wide variety of human beings each year, which animal do you think of? Great White sharks? Rattlesnakes? Or maybe something like wolves or bears? If so, you would be wrong. Mosquitos kill some distance more people than any other animal, killing approximately ONE MILLION people each 12 months by way of infecting them with illnesses like malaria or the Zika virus. 

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While your chances of getting this sort of critical disorder from a mosquito in the US are slim, Americans nonetheless suffer substantially from mosquito bites. But even for folks that don’t have a specific vulnerability to mosquito bites, they’re nevertheless a critical matter.
Buzzing on your face, biting you or your kids, and giving you itchy, burning bites is not any picnic! It’s sufficient to damage ANY backyard barbeque!
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BuzzBGone Lures Mosquitos into a Death Trap! By emitting a strong, 360° subject of bug-attracting UV light, BuzzBGone lures in mosquitos. Once they approach, BuzzBGone’s powerful suction enthusiasts suck the mosquitos into the device’s principal core in which they become trapped inside, unable to bite you or your family! 

Like human beings, mosquitoes can’t survive without water, and BuzzBGone consists of a dehydrator with a purpose to naturally and safely make certain that they're killed. BuzzBGone is simple to use! Just plug it in and start playing your outdoor, patio, or deck! Nothing ruins an outside gathering quicker than an invasion of bloodthirsty mosquitos! But BuzzBGone lures them in with ultraviolet light, preventing them from ever biting your family. 
BuzzBGone lets in you to TAKE BACK your backyard or deck! 

BuzzBGone is 100% safe, and carries no poisons or harmful chemical substances! BuzzBGone uses no harmful chemical substances or poisons and is safe to apply around fowl feeders, pets, small children, or another living creature. It’s one hundred per cent safe to apply, even indoors, like in your bedroom. It’s exceptional for killing those mosquitos that sneak in and chew you while you’re sleeping!

Stop Mosquitos in Their Tracks

Kill mosquitos with the aid of the thousands without lifting a finger or getting any bites! 

BuzzBGone lures mosquitos in with UV light.
Once they approach, BuzzBGone’s powerful 360° fan sucks them in. 

Once inside, they can’t escape. 

Put a quit to itching, burning mosquito bites. 

Enjoy summer season evenings exterior without getting bitten.

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