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PierLuca, like maximum students, has to cope with fitting in at school, doing his homework and getting thru finals. But unlike maximum students, PierLuca suffers from congenital glaucoma. He turned into recognized rapidly after he turned into born and had six surgeries earlier than the age of four, which partially stored his vision. Congenital glaucoma is a condition in which the stress of the eye is just too high, causing damage to the optic nerve resulting in irreversible vision loss. PierLuca, in addition to many others with vision loss, faces many demanding situations in the day by day life, such as reading from a textual content book, recognizing products inside and out of the home and recognizing own family and friends.

PierLuca sits at the optometrist wearing glasses with an OrCam MyEye 2 mounted to the side while identifying a product.

PierLuca regarded on Good Morning America in which he spoke his imaginative and prescient impairment. “If it’s more than about a foot away, it’s a giant blur,” stated PierLuca. Childhood glaucoma happens in about one in ten thousand kids.

During the show, he obtained an OrCam MyEye 2 tool as a gift. With this revolutionary tool, PierLuca will have extra independence and his nice of existence will improve. OrCam MyEye 2 will enhance PierLuca’s abilities to study. The tool can instantly read from any textboth printed digitally. Using hand gestures or OrCam MyEye 2’s touch-sensitive bar, any textual content in the front of PierLuca can be read aloud to him. He can also use Bluetooth earbuds for discretion and privacy for the duration of the class.

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“OrCam MyEye may provide independence and inclusion for many human beings, of all ages.” said optometrist Bryan Wolynski.

PierLuca was inspired by the dimensions and subtlety of OrCam MyEye 2. “It’s basically the size of a USB stick,” he stated. The main capabilities of the tool had been demonstrated to him, which includes textual content reading, product identification, and facial recognition. He turned into amazed when the OrCam MyEye 2 recognized his mother.

A pair of glasses with OrCam MyEye mounted at the side, sitting on the pinnacle of a book

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One of the maximum tough sports in daily existence for people who are blind or visually impaired is shopping. We stay in a time with such a lot of different choices for every item we buy. Each one in every one of these gadgets carries a text description of what differentiates it from the opposite options. Ingredients and nutritious price are presented in the text as well. This textual content is especially critical for humans will allergies. OrCam MyEye can identify tens of millions of product barcodes. In addition, the usage of hand gestures, textual content revealed on any box or package can be study aloud or into Bluetooth earbuds. This way, PierLuca can now go shopping independently and with ease.

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